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Colourful Canapes

Canapes, sweet and savoury, can be an exciting, inventive and practical element of a menu.  Sometimes they can be  a talking point in themselves.  Take a look at these  colourful crostini canapes 🙂  They taste as good as they look…mmmm  

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Buffet Menus For Events And Parties

Buffets at still very popular menu choices, for all occasions, and for many good reasons. So, just what makes a buffet such a great menu choice? Economical With the right choice of dishes, a buffet can help you make the most out of your budget, and minimize costs and waste. Plenty of Choice Buffets offer…

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Top Food & Drink Trends For This Summer

Each summer brings different food trends, the popularity of which often depends on how much sunshine we get. Out go the winter ‘comfort foods’ and in come lighters choices, or foods that are suited to being prepared outdoors. These are often influenced by the tastes we’ve experienced on summer holidays as well as the tastes…

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Read Our Five Star Facebook Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Facebook reviews are an opportunity for customers to rate, comment upon, express their feelings about, and recommend a service.  We thank our customers for taking the time to send their reviews to us.  We are proud of the reviews we have, and they are an opportunity for our business to show potential customers what kind…

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Sharing Platters Bring Your Guests Together

Sharing platters are a great way to provide a more relaxed way of dining that encourages your guests to interact, dig-in, and try different foods. It’s and economical but interesting way to give guests the chance to eat the food that they like in the quantity that suits them individually. Sharing platters are engaging, they…

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Naked Cake Decadence At Backwell House…Mmmmmm

This naked cake for Dean and Tracy’s wedding at Backwell House had a trio of flavours, and doubled up as dessert with its fresh fruit, coulis and cream. Mmmmmmmm… Naked cakes look spectacular and different, and although they have no fancy fondants and icing, this is why they can be so visually appealing.  Naked cakes…

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Canapés Are Fantastic & Flexible Party Appetizers

The French-named canapé is a type of hors d’œuvre / appetizer / starter.  Canapés are generally bite-sized, decorative finger-food items which consist of small pieces of bread / puff pastry / cracker or similar, topped with savoury food. At weddings and parties, serving canapés and drinks is often a great way to get your guests…

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Trifle – Still A Popular 'Retro' Dessert

Trifle has been with us since the 16th century in one form or another. The name is thought to come from the French word ‘trufle’ which means something whimsical or of little consequence.  Trifle’s popularity over hundreds of years shows however that it is anything but inconsequential. Trifle evolved from a ‘fool’ dessert.  Jelly was…

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Free Bar, or Cash Bar?

If you want your guests to have a good selection of drinks, but you don’t really want a completely free bar, here are some ideas to help keep (nearly) everyone happy: Limit the choice to some key drinks that have wide appeal, and select a lighter or heavier choice in category.  For example, select a…

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