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Buffet Menus For Events And Parties

Buffets at still very popular menu choices, for all occasions, and for many good reasons. So, just what makes a buffet such a great menu choice?


With the right choice of dishes, a buffet can help you make the most out of your budget, and minimize costs and waste.

Plenty of Choice

Buffets offer your guests a range of different dishes in one sitting. This means that they’re not forced to make one choice from a menu, and they’re bound to find some dishes they like. In this way buffets are a very inclusive choice that make sure no-one goes hungry, and everyone can choose to put only food that they like onto their plates.

Adaptable and Flexible

Buffet menus offer the flexibility to feed any size group, and instead of forcing people to accept the portion size they’re given (as in a set meal), people with large and small appetites can be perfectly catered for because they are in charge of their own portion sizes.

Also, buffet dishes can be chosen to suit themes, and can be adapted to suit all occasions and tastes, and can cater well for meat eaters and vegetarians while still providing plenty of choice for both.

Caters For All Tastes

The endless variety of dishes that can make up a buffet means that all tastes and preferences can be catered for in one meal. Simple / plain dishes can be served alongside more adventurous dishes n the same meal, thereby maximizing guest satisfaction.


With a buffet it’s easy for guests to serve themselves. It is also easier from a preparation and serving point of view because many buffet dishes can be prepared in advance, and the meal is not tied to a rigid Russian service format i.e. having to serve large numbers of people quickly with each of just a few courses, and then having (sometimes long) breaks in between.

Less Formal

Buffets can be less formal because guests don’t remain seated while waiting to be served set courses, but go and serve themselves as and when it suits them. Many guests prefer less formal meal formats.


A buffet can quite simply be a very practical option because it’s a good way to serve large numbers of diners, and to allow eating time to be spread out if needed.

Try New Dishes

If you add a few adventurous and unexpected dishes to buffets, they can be a talking point, and they can enable people to try new flavours in a low risk way i.e. they have the opportunity to sample a small piece, and then have the option to eat a little more if they like it.


The sheer variety of dishes that can be included as part of a buffet means that you can provide a balanced meal in an interesting way.

Popular and Familiar

All age groups have eaten buffets before, and most people are familiar with the format and etiquette of buffets.

Helps Guest Interaction

As many people visit the buffet table at one time, this can encourage friendly interaction among your guests. This all helps towards positive perceptions, and these can contribute to a memorable and successful event. It can also make your party / event more inclusive, and can help those who didn’t arrive with a partner or friends to mix and have a good time.

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