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Canapés Are Fantastic & Flexible Party Appetizers

The French-named canapé is a type of hors d’œuvre / appetizer / starter.  Canapés are generally bite-sized, decorative finger-food items which consist of small pieces of bread / puff pastry / cracker or similar, topped with savoury food. At weddings and parties, serving canapés and drinks is often a great way to get your guests…

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Trifle – Still A Popular 'Retro' Dessert

Trifle has been with us since the 16th century in one form or another. The name is thought to come from the French word ‘trufle’ which means something whimsical or of little consequence.  Trifle’s popularity over hundreds of years shows however that it is anything but inconsequential. Trifle evolved from a ‘fool’ dessert.  Jelly was…

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Catering At Wells Literary Festival

An enjoyable evening catering for speakers and guests at the Wells Literary Festival. ‘Fear factor’ this year is the iconic Prue Leith, restaurateur, caterer, novelist, television presenter, currently a judge on The Great British Menu. Well done Oz for a fabulous tasty menu and many thanks to Vicky and Kate for friendly and efficient service.…

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Congratulations to Sam and Leanne!

Congratulations to Sam and Leanne and many thanks for the review. What a fabulous family and guests! “What an amazing day we had at our beautiful wedding!! We couldn’t have done it without your help loved everything from canapés to afternoon tea to the hog roast at the end of the night you guys did…

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Tasty Hog Roast at Whitewood Farm

This photo of a tasty hog roast was taken at Whitewood Farm on Saturday17th September 2016. Hog roasts are great for all occasions.  Our hog roasts consist of a whole English porker spit roasted in a special roasting unit in front of your guests. Served with fresh bread rolls, apple sauce and stuffing, and a…

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Food Inspiration For Your Wedding

If you’re looking for inspiration to make your wedding meal / reception extra special and memorable and up to date with the latest wedding food trends here are some simple but effective ideas. Choose Seasonal, Locally Sourced Ingredients Knowing that the ingredients themselves are part of the time and location of your wedding can be…

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Spectacular Naked Cake

Oz and Jules made a brilliant job of the ‘naked cake’ at Chris and Jenny’s wedding. Many thanks to Liz for the loan of her cake tins. Naked cakes are a new and visually exiting re-invention of the wedding cake. No heavy fruit cake, marzipan or thick layers of icing. Instead the ‘naked’ cake can…

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Wedding Food Trends For 2016

Wedding food and wedding catering services evolve over time to take account of changing tastes and trends. One of the prevailing trends in recent years for those getting married is to design your own individual wedding meal / reception. This often incorporates everything from the cake, through all aspects of the main meal to the…

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