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Food Inspiration For Your Wedding

If you’re looking for inspiration to make your wedding meal / reception extra special and memorable and up to date with the latest wedding food trends here are some simple but effective ideas.

Choose Seasonal, Locally Sourced Ingredients

Knowing that the ingredients themselves are part of the time and location of your wedding can be great way to give your guests (who may have travelled a long way) a taste of your part of the world and the very best produce that it has to offer.  It’s also a great way to support local producers.  In season, local food is a fantastic way to maximise freshness and taste, provide talking points, and give your guests an even closer connection to you and the setting.

Deliver Miniature Flavour Sensations

Canapés based on favourite dishes accompanied by mini shot-style favourite drinks are a creative and exciting way to deliver sensational flavour snapshots that your guests will love. See our Canapés sample menu section to get some ideas.

Offer Dessert Experiences

Rather than simply having a cake and serving a dessert as a meal course, why not try having a whole dessert table? A selection of mouthwatering favourite desserts displayed creatively in one dessert ‘station’ can provide your guests with a mouthwatering visual experience and can create a real state of expectancy. Perhaps try a unique display of doughnuts, cookies, marshmallows that look like cakes, or re-interpreted classic desserts. You could even choose a classic Cream Tea.

Present A Flavour Fusion

Whether it’s a case of simply choosing to combine your favourite dishes from around the world or whether it is a case of representing the different cultural dishes of you and your partner a fusion menu can represent a fantastic marriage of flavours.  Even if the dishes you choose (and your signature drinks / cocktails) aren’t usually enjoyed together ask your catering company to produce a fusion dish or method of presentation that can marry the two in a way that your guests will love. Even better if it has a real cultural significance that your guests can celebrate with you.

For more infomation about how we could help you to treat your guests to inspirational wedding food call us on 01275 333 308 or contact us online.