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Naked Wedding Cakes – Less Can Definitely Be More

Wedding cakes have undergone a transformation in recent years.  It’s no longer the case that it has to have a thick layer of sweet white icing around a rich and filling fruit cakes.  Tastes change over time, and we’re becoming more used to a life that can be customised to our individual tastes and needs, and where we have a lot more scope for individual interpretation when it comes to traditions.

Experimentation in the world of cake-making coupled with these other trends has led to the discovery that a good “naked cake” can be every bit as visually stunning and delicious as the most elaborate and ornate traditional iced cake.

Note: Topline Catering (Est.1986) has over 30 years experience in Wedding Catering in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area.  Our reputation is founded on quality and a personal approach to each customer and we can tailor any of our services to suit your individual requirements and preferences.

Naked Cakes For Weddings

Naked cakes consist of layers of sponge-cake layered with buttercream filling and a minimal frosting on the outside that enables the layers and the texture of the cake to be seen without needing to slice it.

Although the basic structure of the cake is visible and very much in contrast to the hidden structure of a traditional wedding cake, the more minimal surface provides the ideal backdrop for other decorations and enhancements.  These include delicious fresh fruit (e.g. strawberries and other soft fruits), flowers and a dusting of icing.

Naked Cakes tend to be square or round, and stacked in layers from largest at the bottom to smallest at the top.

Some food and wedding commentators have expressed concern that the lack of thick outer icing could allow such a cake to dry out.  In fact, the super-appetising appearance of naked cakes that can be baked with moist sponge cake means that they are often not around long enough to become dry as guests prefer to eat them on the day.  This plus the inclusion of fresh fruit on naked cakes means that they can work well as a very special dessert course.

Topline Catering can provide a beautiful naked cake as part of your wedding catering package.  You can see examples of our cakes on the Gallery page here.

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The photograph shows a naked cake from a customer’s wedding at Folly Farm in July 2019.  To find out what our customers have to to say about our food and service visit our testimonials page here