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Sharing Platters Bring Your Guests Together

Sharing platters are a great way to provide a more relaxed way of dining that encourages your guests to interact, dig-in, and try different foods. It’s and economical but interesting way to give guests the chance to eat the food that they like in the quantity that suits them individually.

Sharing platters are engaging, they get people talking, and they stop some guests from feeling left out.  They’re great for providing different food themes and taste sensations for diners, and they’re great for starters and other courses. The possibilities and combinations are endless, and with sharing platters all your guests will find something that they like.

For example, here is a sharing platter starter from Rich and Gemma’s wedding. This one has lamb kofte, halloumi, falafel, olives, Greek salad, boccoccini, dips and pitta.

Sharing platters can also allow you have a new, lighter take on traditional meals such as roasts.  This sharing platter (below), for example, has roast beef with Yorkies, roasties, cauli cheese, roast vegetables, and green beans.