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Three Food Trends That Could Be Part of Your Celebration or Event

The food market in the UK is subject to many different trends and tastes, many of which are the result of public demand influences, media influences, and a bit of both.  As we discover new dishes, drinks, and contexts for our food and drink consumption, we discover new favourite dishes and drinks that we’d like to share with friends, family and work colleagues as part of important events and ceremonies.  Here are three food trends which are catching on in the UK now and which could influence wedding catering and corporate catering food and drink choices.

1. More Meat-Free Dishes

It’s impossible to ignore the fact that more and more people are now choosing to eat less meat or switch to a meat-free diet for environmental, health, and animal welfare reasons.  At a time of global climate change and a growing world population, many experts are urging a switch to more of a vegetable-based diet in developed countries. The response is that we are seeing more vegetarian products and meat substitute products appearing on supermarket shelves and more people are discovering that vegetarian food offers a huge variety of exciting tastes.  Including more meat-free options that can be enjoyed by all is a growing trend for wedding food menus and for catering at corporate events.

2. More Low or No Alcohol Drinks

The desire to cut back on alcohol consumption for health and wellbeing reasons, the need not to drink and drive, coupled with an explosion of new and exciting low alcohol, and alcohol-free drinks has led to these being more popular options at wedding receptions and other events.  Creative new infusions and mocktails that are all about pure taste and visual impact are becoming popular choices for many wedding guests. Also, low and no alcohol drinks are inclusive and can be enjoyed by all age groups.

3. Rum’s Back!

Where alcoholic drinks are concerned, just as Prosecco, flavoured gin, cocktails and mocktails have become firm favourites for many, barrel-aged, small-batch craft rum is reported to be enjoying popularity among people from the millennial generation. Rum is, therefore, getting greater prominence as a drink option at wedding parties/wedding receptions.

Did you know?  Rum is thought to be the first spirit to be distilled and manufactured. Rum as a popular drink can be traced back to the 1620s in the Caribbean.  Also, in the 18th century, sailors received part of their pay and benefits in the form of rum.

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