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Top Food & Drink Trends For This Summer

Each summer brings different food trends, the popularity of which often depends on how much sunshine we get. Out go the winter ‘comfort foods’ and in come lighters choices, or foods that are suited to being prepared outdoors. These are often influenced by the tastes we’ve experienced on summer holidays as well as the tastes and trends of the day. Here just a few of the food and drink trends for this summer.

Holiday Food – Portuguese Food

For many people, the flavours and dishes of the Med and much-loved holiday destinations are synonymous with summer. Lisbon in Portugal is a popular European destination, and that’s one of the reasons why the humble but great-tasting Portuguese custard tart is so popular in the UK right now.

Spanish tapas options are also likely to prove popular this summer. Food from Greece and Cyprus are also very popular summer foods, as they have been for many years. For example, a customer recently chose a sharing platter starter at their wedding which included Lamb kofte, halloumi, falafel, olives, Greek salad, boccoccini, dips and pitta.

Mexican Tacos

Mexican food has a wide appeal in the UK. Tacos with a selection of different fillings provide a way for guests to mix, talk, dig-in and share. They’re an ideal summer food that has plenty of substance (e.g. try adding pulled pork filling), flavour, and spice (if you want it). You can even use soft corn tortillas. Tacos are great served with salad, pickles, and other dishes where your guests can help themselves.

Pickles and Ferments

Pickles and fermented foods have gained in popularity in recent years as people have searched for healthy foods with plenty of flavour that can liven up more traditional dishes, buffets, and themed menus. Sometimes they can be a real talking-point as guests try something totally new, or they can help create some original and vibrant canapés.

For spice-lovers sliced jalapeños can turn the temperature up, and for the more adventurous eaters, pickled strawberries with goat’s cheese and crackers could be a surprise hit ?. Things like Kimchi, and Yucatan pickles (Mexican red onion pickles) are good-for-the-gut, healthy foods that could become even more popular this summer.

Low or No Alcohol Drinks

Cold beer and white wine / rose, chilled Prosecco or Cava, or even generous jug of cold Pims are refreshing drinks with summer meals, but this summer a popular option is low alcohol / non-alcoholic drinks with zingy flavour as the focus.
Cold-pressed juices, non-alcoholic ‘sprits’, mocktail menus, soft shots, and exotic / exciting flavour combinations can bring a refreshing extra dimension to summer functions.


The humble pink or white small marshmallow has now been elevated to a muffin-sized sweet teat with endless flavour and colour combinations. They can be prepared in advance of a meal / event, and they can provide a feast for the eyes as well as the tummy. If you’re looking for a talking-point dessert course with a difference, gourmet marshmallows could be a ticket to sweet food heaven for your guests this summer.