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Wedding Catering Trends Bristol and Bath – 2019

The popular press and wedding industry media make predictions for the year based on emerging trends and fashions, and as a wedding catering company for Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area here are some of the trends that we’ve read about, heard about, and been asked about.


This is another way of saying that you can have all aspects of your wedding your way and that you don’t have to be tied to tradition if you don’t want to. Personalised weddings that represent and reflect the real identify and personalities of those being married are now very popular, but this year, the prediction is that the personalised experience will be honed to a new level from the type of service, the clothes and the venue, down to the reception/party/celebration, and of course the food and drinks.

Economic Influences

In these challenging economic times, many couples are looking to have a bold and glamorous experience for their guests, but without over-spending.  This can often mean choosing venues that are already visually striking and/or unusual, or by creating and decorating their own party venues.

As a wedding catering company for the Bristol and Bath area, we can offer some stunning wedding venue locations to our customers, such as

Colliters Brook Farm, Folly Farm (Stowey near Bristol), and Barley Wood at Wrington in North Somerset.

Royal Wedding Influences

The wedding of Harry and Megan was an example of how even the Royals are breaking with tradition and opting for more personalised weddings.

The recent royal weddings and the fact that the average age of brides, for example, has increased have also popularised the trend of having many young bridesmaids at the wedding.

Wedding Food and Drink Trends For 2019

As a professional wedding catering company for more than 30 years, we have tried to give couples in Bristol, Bath and the surrounding area the choice and level of service that makes their special day truly memorable, and personal to them, their family and friends.

Personalisation in wedding food and drink choices is predicted to be an ongoing trend, with wedding experts saying that this year, couples will be asking for personalised cocktails as another way of representing themselves and their personalities to their guests.  Some media commentators are predicting that rum-based drinks will be more popular this year, while the many different varieties of gin now available remain a popular choice.

With wedding food, there is a trend many couples of choosing favourites like burgers, fish & chips (mini fish & chips) and pizza, for a kind of midnight feast for their guests as part of the evening party, rather than opting for a more traditional buffet.


There is also a predicted trend of couples opting for more glamour (clothes, venue, food & drink), and even rounding the day off with events such as fireworks.

Your Wedding Catering

As an experienced wedding catering company serving Bristol, Bath, and the surrounding area, we’re confident that we can offer the quality and variety that will enhance your special day whether you opt for a very personal and creative wedding food experience or a more traditional experience for you and your guests.

Topline Catering has the main kitchen at Paulton, near Farrington Gurney in Bath and North East Somerset, and a fully stocked mobile kitchen that can be taken to wedding locations around the area.

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