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Wedding Food Trends For 2016

Wedding food and wedding catering services evolve over time to take account of changing tastes and trends. One of the prevailing trends in recent years for those getting married is to design your own individual wedding meal / reception. This often incorporates everything from the cake, through all aspects of the main meal to the drinks. Whether you choose traditional or totally individual, very formal or very relaxed, it’s always helpful to get some ideas and inspiration from the trends that are out there at the moment. Here is a collection of Wedding trends from 2015 / 2016:

Putting more people together on larger / longer tables

This may of course depend on what tables are available for your use at the wedding venue, but one trend has been a move to a more inclusive and social layout of tables to encourage and allow greater interaction among all guests. Longer tables with more people around them with lots of smaller tables around them are favoured by many couples.

Many different types of venue, or special venues within the larger venues.

From barns to orangeries and marquees, to taking everyone to a venue on a small island, the settings for weddings and receptions now include an almost endless array of options. Some larger wedding venues have different buildings or areas on site that could be used by couples for some aspect of their wedding. The trend is to create an experience that is fun as well as memorable for all.


Themed weddings, incorporating wedding meals that are consistent with that theme remain a popular trend. Once again this fits with the idea of couples seeking a wedding day that represents them as a couple, suits their individual tastes and has a fun and adventurous element to it. Everything from historic / period themes through to rustic themes abound. As we have moved towards less formality in our daily lives, so this is now reflected in the less formal themes and approaches to our weddings, their themes and what forms they can take.

Different cakes

These days not everyone is particularly fond of fruit cake. It is now therefore totally acceptable to have a wedding cake of a different kind, perhaps incorporating several different types of cake, or maybe even choosing a savoury dish in a wedding cake style such as cheese wedding cake! Many couples choose sponge cake, lemon cake, chocolate cake, or even a ‘naked’ style cake (with no icing, but some fruit and cream instead for example). The choice is now yours with the primary focus being what you and your guests are most likely to enjoy.

Flower variety

Wedding flowers are now something that can stray widely from the traditional script. Wild flowers, and/ or simple but stylish arrangements are becoming more popular. Some couples choose to go with a modern, graphic impact approach where flowers of the same powerful or super soft shades are grouped together e.g. to make a striking or super cool centrepiece. A minimal approach, or even substituting the traditional blooms with other flowering and/or eye catching plants are also current tends e.g. potted trees, ferns and decorative leaves. The use of decorated branches is also another budget stretching but visually appealing option. Attractive but edible elements are also finding their way into wedding flowers. For example fragrant herbs, small seasonal fruits and even coffee beans may be included in centrepieces and garlands.


Creative desserts

Many wedding guests may either not be particularly keen on wedding cake or on the limited types of traditional desserts that featured in weddings of the past. Today’s dessert trends include dessert bars, tarts, tortes, puddings and bowls of fresh fruit.


Canapés allow so much choice and creativity while adding an element of style that they have become a firm favourite at many weddings in 2015 and into 2016.

Street food style

Our far flung holidays and the influence of ‘foodie’ TV programmes have led more of us to seek street food style menus at our weddings, with some of us even choosing street food vehicles to have them served from.

Organic, fresh, locally sourced and sustainable

Where our wedding food comes from and how it is produced are now also important factors that influence menu choices.

Multi cultural / fusion menus

These are very popular and can include popular international dishes, exciting fusion dishes, and menus that mix all kinds of fantastic flavours and ingredients from around the world.

Comfort food

Just as we now like our weddings to be less formal, our love for comfort food also extends to our wedding meals

Evening and late night food

Wedding celebrations can last long into the night, and long after the main meal has been eaten, serving a creative selection of evening food to help sustain the guests who are still in the party mood is now a feature of many weddings. This can be anything from fish and chip cones, to hot dogs and mini pizzas, to whole hog roasts.


Bubbly, wine and beer are still popular, but cocktails are now bringing some creative chic to many wedding day and evening celebrations. Drink stations and DIY staffed drink areas are also gaining in popularity.

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